Monday, October 31, 2011

Greg Pincus

I’m the squeak upon the stair...
Yet when you look, there’s no one there.
I’m howling winds, groaning floors,
Extinguished lights, slamming doors.
I’m flitting shadows, darkening skies,
Piercing screams, distant cries.
I’m all your fears – heard, felt, or seen.
I’m in your head. I’m Halloween.

I love Halloween!  Now... on to the next holiday:

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Totally making one of these bad boys.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The more you eat...

*Studying Nutrition*

Student:  "Miss K, I have a question."
Me:  "Yes, ma'am?"
Student:  "Well... I've been wondering..."
Long Pause
Student:  "What exactly is in beans that makes you fart?"  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So I went to the store after a very busy day, to buy all the supplies needed to make these: 

All you need is chocolate, nutter butters and mini chocolate chips.  Melt the chocolate, dip the NB, add the chips and BAM, ghosts.  Seems easy enough huh?  Well, I just burned the chocolate (in the microwave) and now everything is ruined.  Whoops. 

....Maybe I'll shop for books instead. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We have been studying simple machines in science and how those machines make our lives and the work we do easier.  We have discovered simple and compound machines all around us and have done experiments that investigate the six simple machines.  As a wrap up to the unit, the fifth graders are creating their own infomercial posters that advertise a product that uses a simple machine to make the work we do easier.   Here is our inspiration:

The EZ cracker.  The lever that puts cracking an egg by slamming a fork into it in the past. A genius idea really.. who wants egg shells in their muffins anyways? 

We have all sorts of ideas flying around Room 210, such as: 
The catapult that launches you into a remote island for vacation
An automatic snow shovel for the winter
An escalator for your house (call now and get two for the price of one)

So, watch out world... these kids are planning to make your life even more easy!  Now, who wants to actually buy me the EZ cracker??