Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Reading... Happened so Fast!

Throughout the school year, I constantly find myself pushing things off until the summer.  "I'll clean _______ this summer.... I'll read _______ this summer... I'll become better at _________ this summer... I'll try ___________ this summer..."  It's a continuous process sadly, and what's even more sad is that I rarely accomplish one third of what is on that list.  And every summer, I make a stack of books I'd like to read.  Usually, I accomplish about... you guessed it... a third of said list...   But alas, here is my Summer 2012 fifth grade book list:

I'm currently reading The Potato Chip Puzzles By: Eric Berlin

Belly Up By: Stuart Gibbs

The One and Only Ivan By: Katherine Applegate

Out of My Mind By:  Sharon Draper

Theodore Boone: The Abduction  By:  John Grisham

Lunch-Bok Dream By: Tony Abbott

Now.... any others I need to add??

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