Thursday, September 22, 2011

Better luck next time.

So, it's been a goal of mine, that one day... I will learn to cook. I decided this year to take baby steps with this project.  Every so often, we have faculty food day at school.  Everyone brings some sort of themed food to put in the lounge and we get to snack all day.  Genius idea, really.  So it was my goal that this year, instead of supplying a bag of chips or box of cookies, I'd actually make something to bring to the offering table.  This Friday the theme is "tailgating treats".  Holla! 

So... I tried to make a mango jalapeno dip.. a fairly easy recipe.  Well, I'll apologize to my colleagues in advance who are reading this, because what I just put in the fridge does not look edible.  But it's the thought that counts.  For all my cooking friends, here is the recipe: 

15oz black beans
8oz cream cheese
Mango jalapeno jam
Green Onion
Shredded cheese

Rinse and drain the beans.  Blend cream cheeese and green onion and layer over beans.  Right before serving, layer on the mango jalapeno jam.  Add shredded cheese to the top.  Serve with chips.

If someone makes it correctly, I'd love to help you eat it! 

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