Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little of this, A little of that

It has been such a busy week.  In the midst of research meetings, the grading of assessments, and book review meetings there has been little down time!  Smack dab in the middle of this week was faculty food day at Paxton.  And I had to stick to that darn goal from the beginning of the year... I had to make something.  Although- at about 9:00 when I finally got home from the day, the idea of going out and buying a box of sprinkle frosted cookies was sounding preeeetttyyyyy good.  Anyway, I found this idea from my lovely friend Jordon, who made a Halloween version of these treats.  I decided to take the Valentines Day approach.

What you need:

Heat oven to 350, and cover a cookie sheet with foil.  Spread pretzels out and place a kiss on top of each.  (The unwrapping takes the longest)
 Put in oven and cook for about two minutes.  Take them out and press an M&M into the center.  (That's the fun part)  Chill in the fridge and enjoy!
Sweet, salty and crunchy.  Nums. 

Also, I got a chance to go to a book review of the new award winners for next year.  Basically-my heaven.  Oh gosh, that sounds so old lady-ish...  Crap.  Needless to say, my book wishlist on Amazon doubled.  Here are just a few favorites:  

Think I better start buying stock in publishing companies.  Now.. back to grading.   :)

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  1. Pretzel hershey kiss combos are the best :) I make these for Halloween with a pretzel, a piece of candy corn, a hershey hug and a peanut! Sounds weird, but they are delicious!!
    To The Square Inch