Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baked, not fried.

I gave up fried foods for lent.  Biggest mistake ever.  Especially because most of my diet consists of french fries, fried pickles and chips and salsa.  And it becomes especially hard when certain loved ones in my life order entire plates of fried foods while I am eating pita bread.... No. Fair. I decided today that instead of a frozen meal dinner for the bazillionth time, I was going to step up and make something worthwhile for dinner.  I found a recipe for buffalo chicken enchiladas on Pinterest this week and decided this would at least somewhat make me feel better... (somewhat).... and, it seemed pretty easy:

cheese (I did not add Gorgonzola.. woof)
wheat tortillas
green onions
enchilada sauce
Franks buffalo sauce.. yum

You can find the entire recipe here!

Not too shabby:

I also decided to buy baked chips today to curve my chips and salsa craving.... not as good, but at least it's something!  And, I'll be less of a grump!  

Happy Tuesday!  

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