Thursday, August 11, 2011

Christmas in August!

Today has been a fantastic day.  Let me tell you why: 

1. My classroom finally feels finished. It has taken awhile to get the final touches complete, and it's not quite perfect yet. But it's a place that makes me feel happy to walk into. Just ready and waiting for the ten year olds to come, and I hope they are just as happy walking into our room each day. 

I also got to cut out all the book tub labels out of lamination.. fantastic.   

2.  I got to find out my kiddos for next year today.  As a kid I was always excited to see who my teacher was... like, couldn't sleep excited.  Makes me wonder if my teachers were just as excited to get their lists.   

3A.  Melanie (my favorite) won So You Think You Can Dance.  She has been my favorite since her first audition.. I don't wanna say that I typically ALWAYS choose the winner right away.. but, I do.   Look how great she is: 
3B.  I won the SYTYCD bet with Mason.  YES! 

4.  My great friend Kate sent me this picture today:

Yes.. someone loading a RedBox

I was seriously starting to think there was a secret lair of minions under each RedBox who were retrieving my movies.  I have my dad to thank for these misconceptions.  

5.  I get to see this kid tomorrow:

What a great day!  

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