Friday, August 26, 2011

We the People...

It has been a long week in Room 209.  A five day week after summer break, a firedrill, and a lockdown sure took a toll on all of us today.  But this afternoon I got to experience one of those moments that make the long days, the nights of worrying, the revision of lesson plans, and the piles of paper all worth it. 

We started at the beginning of the week thinking about how we wanted our classroom to run over the next nine months.  We started by reading a few books that gave us the opportunitiy to talk about how people treat each other. We charted what we wanted, and didn't want for our room and they got to decide what was most important to them, bringing in their stories and personalities into the conversations.  Today, they had a chance to work with partners to draft this "promise" and together, they created this: 

I am so proud!  :)