Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guess what I use as a bean bag chair? A raisin.

I have been adding books to my amazon wish list left and right these days.  (Anyone need a Christmas gift idea?)  Through all of the blogs and browsing, I have found a ton of books that I NEED to own.  (Yes mom, NEED). As a celebratory reward for finishing grades today, I let myself parooze at B&N.  Not only did I get my hands on some of the books I had been reading about, but also stumbled upon this gem:

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me

Yes, a picture book about one of my favorite YouTube superstars: Marcel the Shell with Shoes on.  Please if you have not seen this, take the next three minutes of your life to do so:


Hilarious!  And of course, I had to purchase it.  This is just one of those books that makes me happy!  :) 

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