Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A long time coming.

I intended to blog about this awhile ago, but with parent teacher conferences and the worst cold in the universe, I'm a little behind. 

Before I begin, I owe all of the credit to this project to pinterest and my mother.  She is the crafty one.  I like to think of myself as more of the obnoxious entertainer, who tunes in for the fun parts.. then I somehow get distracted with the piddly boring parts- but nonetheless, my mom has a lot of patience with me.  But look at the scarf we made!

This is probably the most idiot proof DIY project out there.  Basically, get a HUGE t-shirt.  The larger the better.  Cut off small strips from the bottom, and stretch them out as far as possible.  (That was my job.)  Magically, they coil around themselves into little tubes.  Gather five, and attach with a flower.  Double loop and voila!  A scarf!  


In other news: I think it's time to start rehearsing our parts again Mason!
It's getting cold outside!!

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